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 Official Staff Requirments !

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PostSubject: Official Staff Requirments !   Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:21 pm

Hello applicants!

It seems like most of you do NOT know what you really need to do to get our attention, and finally get on our staff team.

Today, we will make it much easier for you. From now on, you must obtain the helper crown to be recognized as one of the possible candidates for a staff position.

NOTE: Just because you have the helper rank, it does NOT mean that you are on your way to become the next moderator. It just means that if you choose to, you may apply for a staff position.

How to become a helper? Simple, please follow the following steps:

1- Be ACTIVE and HELPFUL - The more we see you, the more we'll know you.

2- Be PROFESSIONAL - There is no place for immaturity on the staff team.

3- Have a clean offence record (or somewhat clean)!

4- Have a lot of friends!

5- LOVE THE GAME - we want someone who LOVES to play Rubble-Scape.

6- Knoweldge of the game!

7- Communication skills - Good with your english.

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Official Staff Requirments !
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